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3 Days* was created by Kirstin Winkler & Ana Tiwathia, long time friends and loyal travel buddies who wanted to share their discoveries with fellow explorers who also go in for heart-stopping vistas, chaotic flea markets, exotic food, local art and a good swim. 

Each guide is designed as a carefully curated 3 Days* itinerary, a digestible travel nugget packed with the best things to see, eat and do in any given locale.  

Recommendations are a mix of the beloved and the unusual, and can be experienced as part of a complete itinerary or taken piecemeal. Prices range from thrifty to splurgey (always with good reason) and will appeal to travelers who value a versatile mix of scrappy adventure and well-placed luxury. We write for readers of all ages and walks of life, the seasoned and the novice, the savvy and the bumbling.

We invite you to explore with us, 3 Days* at a time.


Kirstin Winkler

Kirstin Winkler


Kirstin was born and raised in Munich. Half Dutch, half German (expected to be tall and blond… defies expectations), she eventually moved to California to focus on her passion for cinema. As a feature film and television producer she has wrangled big personalities and large productions and has had the good fortune of living ‘on location’ in New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Canada and all over the US. 

Kirstin travels to put her degree in cross-cultural communications to use (and to shop, obvi). Her independent soul loves to recharge on solo trips and she’s always up for a wild adventure. Her home base is a breezy bungalow by the sea, south of Los Angeles.

Next on her bucket list: Dog sledding in Lapland, a lazy man’s trek through the Himalayas, a horseback riding trip with the Gauchos through Patagonia and a meditation retreat in Bhutan. 

Ana Tiwathia

Ana Tiwathia


Ana Tiwathia is a copywriter and digital content strategist from New York City. She has worked as a writer and editor for DailyCandy, Vice’s Motherboard, UNIQLO and is currently plying her trade as a freelancer on a variety of marketing and editorial endeavors.

She hit the road at a young age, being dragged on bohemian adventures by her hippie nomad parents, relishing and resenting every moment. Her marriage to a dashing Indian United Nations worker only fueled her travel bug, and she soon found herself living in Sudan, exploring far-flung locales of east Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Ana travels for the perspective (and the hotel breakfasts). She loves finding homes in unfamiliar places. Right now she and her husband split their time between East Jerusalem and Brooklyn. Baby explorer #1 just arrived.

Currently wander lusting after: Myanmar, Antibes, Ireland and Chilean wine country.