PERFECT PACKING - Meet Cuyana, the Pouch Masters

It’s taken years of therapy but I can admit it now: I have a pouch problem. Buttery leather sacks of all sizes make my heart race. I think about all of the handy things I will store in my pouches and how organized I will look and feel. I am convinced the right pouch/ sack/ case combination will change my life.

Cuyana laptop travel case leather 3 days

So, it’s no wonder I have a serious brand crush on Cuyana. Started by two gals in SF, their mission strikes me as very French: to build a lean but elegant collection of perfect pieces that are versatile and timeless in their design… Category killers, basically.

The product that drew me to them initially was the Travel Case Set, a pair of pebbled leather pouches in two sizes that are shaped in such a way that you could probably stuff your entire shower caddy into the larger one without any bulges or zipper tugging. The price, $95, is shockingly reasonable given the quality, and you can get them monogrammed for only $10 extra.  I’m also a big fan of the laptop sleeve, which I think makes me look like I have my life figured out anytime I whip it out on a plane.

‘Fewer, better things’ is a tagline any card-carrying New Yorker can get behind. And with Cuyana, I think I’m finally nearing my optimal pouch/ sack/ case configuration. Next year, total world domination. 

- Ana