The most annoying travelers!

Our recent lengthy, multi-layover trip to South America reminded us how much fellow travelers can amuse, irritate or entertain us. Lack of forethought and inconsiderate habits can annoy fellow passengers but are easily avoidable. Here are some of the classics:

airport passangers 3 Days*

airport passangers 3 Days*

The pocket hoarder: the passenger who takes one thing at a time out of his pocket, attempting to walk through the metal detector and appearing shocked each time he is sent back to discover yet another coin, ball of kleenexes, safety pin. Then remembers he has a metal hip.

The fashionista: the gal with high, lace-up boots that require the wearer to discard all of her belongings, sit down and commence de-lacing for 20 minutes before she can proceed through security. Process to be repeated on the other side. 

The adventurous eater: Fish on a plane. Just don't do it. Same goes for egg salad, smelly cheese and fragrant-burp-inducing food.

The eager beaver: the guy who simply cannot wait to board and blocks the check-in area while other groups are still being called. Don't worry buddy, we'll all be trapped together in close proximity with recycled air soon enough...

The oblivious boarder: the unaware passenger who takes 20 minutes to take off their coat and stow their luggage while obstructing the aisle and the long line of other passengers waiting to take their seat. 

The aisle yogi: the limber jack blocking the drinks cart while he/she practices their warrior 2’s. We get it. You're healthy. Now move aside so the rest of us can get our alcohol.

Airplane above clouds - photo: pzaxe

Airplane above clouds - photo: pzaxe

The trampler: the impatient window seat passenger who scrambles over you to get to the bathroom before you've even had a chance to wiggle out off your seatbelt. No one wants a bum or crotch in their face as you circus-maneuver your way across two inhabited seats. It's a social compact, people!

The clapper: yes, they still exist. The passenger who is so impressed that the Boeing 747 you're riding on did what it was designed to do: arrive in one piece. 

The stampeder: the idiot (there is no other word) who bum rushes the door once the wheels hit the ground.

The duty-free lover: the guy who went insanely overboard at Duty Free and is traveling in a cloud of cheap perfume, nauseating everyone in close proximity.

The farter: the terrorist who quietly releases an airplane full of noxious gas. Little by little, throughout the flight. Hey, 12E - you're not fooling anyone. Either get some Gas X or we're locking you in the bathroom.

The chatter box: the seat neighbor who's still learning about social cues.

The sock warrior: the passenger who takes off his/her shoes to place his/her socked feet between the front seats for everyone to smell. Not to mention this passenger also takes frequent trips to the lavatories... all without appropriate footwear. Gross! (Thank you to @skygirljz for this contribution)