THE GLOBAL PANTRY - Turmeric, the Orange Fighter

Turmeric, cousin of the ginger root is having a moment. The new It-Girl of the spice rack is now considered a ‘super food’ in the West after having celebrated over a thousand years of popularity in the East already (we’re always a little slow on the uptake).

Initially used for medicinal purposes, later as a dye and flavorful cooking spice, the golden herb has cemented its place in the aisles of overpriced health food stores and is here to stay. Go on, have a google... 

I first came across turmeric years ago during my travels through the Indian provinces Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where most dishes are infused with the versatile ingredient. Years later in Mexico we were re-acquainted at a local market where a seller recommended turmeric paste as an antiseptic for a cut. I started juicing the root and stained everything orange in the process, so I eventually I bought the powder and liquid herbal supplement instead.

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