MARFA, Texas - Art in unexpected places by Amy Quackenbush

Amy Quackenbush is even cooler than her name. The Seattle entrepreneur and owner of Adele Salon has travelled extensively around the world, mostly solo.

Her infectious spirit and fearless curiosity makes us want to squish into her suitcase and join her on her next adventure. Like her upcoming visit to a Bar W Guest ranch in Montana. Recently we sat down with Quackenbush to hear about her stay in Marfa, TX - a town that seems half cattle ranch, half fine arts school.

3 Days*: As a solo adventure queen, you're on the road a lot. What destinations have you hit this year, so far? 

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Sundays at Home

Being on the road so much makes a Sunday at home feel very luxurious. It’s rare for me to have a lazy Sunday at our home in Brooklyn. My husband, daughter and I have basically been nomads for the last two years, bouncing between Jerusalem, Connecticut and Brooklyn. When I do find myself at home, I try to max out what I love about our neighborhood and savor the little things I miss so much when we are out of town. 

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Zen Dive into the Caymans with actress, Christina Moses

Christina Moses is a fierce actress, practicing Tibetan Buddhist and soulful adventuress with a huge heart and a ridiculously cute dog. She’s home-based in Los Angeles but relocates when she’s shooting (i.e. Atlanta for CW’s Containment).

When she’s on vacation, though, you’ll likely find her on a sunny island. We caught up with this vampire vixen to get the low down on scuba diving in the Caymans. Here’s what she had to tell us:

3 Days*: What made you pick the Caymans, and when did you go?

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A glimpse into the travel habits of film director and world explorer, Roland Emmerich (Part 1)

I Want This Dude’s Life:


Roland Emmerich is an acclaimed film director (Independence Day, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) design guru, passionate traveler, foodie and wine connoisseur and my (Kirstin’s) former boss/mentor!

When it comes to style, service and generally luxe travel, this globetrotter is the ultimate expert. That's why I’m so excited to sit down with him and hear all about his most recent drool-worthy jaunts. Read on to be consumed, thoroughly, with jealousy:

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Solo Travel - Alone vs Lonely

They say misery loves company and if you’ve ever had a broken heart you probably agree. Licking my emotional wounds after the demise of longterm together-ness, it was time to face on-my-own-ness again. Fuck! My shredded heart was begging for a haircut, the kind you regret minutes after your last lock hits the ground and a trip somewhere far, far away. 

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Bali Bliss - by Julia Etzelmueller

Julia Etzelmueller is a film producer from Berlin and a seasoned traveler with a new-found love of surfing. This German adventuress recently relocated to Los Angeles but her gypsy soul isn’t ready to settle in one place yet. Julia has spent some time on Oahu and in Byron Bay, Australia (loved both), but Bali holds a special place in her heart. Here’s what she had to say about the ‘Island of the Gods’:

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A Taste of Singapore - by Gaul Porat

We sat down with Gaul Porat, cinematographer and fearless eater, to give us the skinny on Singapore’s slamming food scene. Born in Israel, raised in New England, he now splits his time between New York and LA (but will always feel most at home in Israel with its great beaches and yummy cuisine).

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Deplaned - A Yoga Sequence

Airline seats seem to get more cramped each year. I am a relatively small 5’4’’ and have precious few inches between my knees and the seat in front of me (which is reliably filled with a giant eating a fragrant cheese plate). Living in two cities that are 9,000 miles away from each other (literally) means I have become something of a pro when it comes to working out the stiffness and knots caused by long plane rides. I’m also a yoga instructor with a restorative specialty, so that helps.

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