How to do Romantic Getaways when you’re Single, with Larkin Clark

Hint: girlfriends make great girlfriends


Writer, photographer, lifestyle expert and all around bad-ass lady Larkin Clark has explored some of Europe’s most luxe, stylish and, yes, romantic destinations and hotels.

The catch? She did it sans romantic partner. She embarked on her epic sojourn alone and devised to meet up with lady pals almost every step of the way. Here’s how she maxed out her travels and took advantage of honeymoon spots without the ball and chain.

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Solo Travel - Alone vs Lonely

They say misery loves company and if you’ve ever had a broken heart you probably agree. Licking my emotional wounds after the demise of longterm together-ness, it was time to face on-my-own-ness again. Fuck! My shredded heart was begging for a haircut, the kind you regret minutes after your last lock hits the ground and a trip somewhere far, far away. 

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Bali Bliss - by Julia Etzelmueller

Julia Etzelmueller is a film producer from Berlin and a seasoned traveler with a new-found love of surfing. This German adventuress recently relocated to Los Angeles but her gypsy soul isn’t ready to settle in one place yet. Julia has spent some time on Oahu and in Byron Bay, Australia (loved both), but Bali holds a special place in her heart. Here’s what she had to say about the ‘Island of the Gods’:

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A Taste of Singapore - by Gaul Porat

We sat down with Gaul Porat, cinematographer and fearless eater, to give us the skinny on Singapore’s slamming food scene. Born in Israel, raised in New England, he now splits his time between New York and LA (but will always feel most at home in Israel with its great beaches and yummy cuisine).

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